7 Ways to Work on Self-Improvement

Do you have a difficult time building relationships?
Are you feeling isolated?
Are you feeling used and abused?

Self-improvement is something we should all be continuously working on throughout our lives. We continue to grow, mature, become wiser by contemplating who we are, what mistakes we have made, and how we can be a better person. A person’s ego or pride can get in the way of making the right decision. It’s easy to surrender as a victim to  life. A person must take accountability for their actions and responsibility for the reactions. One can choose to make the choice to love one’s self so they can open their heart to love all people no matter the differences. A person should take the time to listen to people and be there for others. A person should remove the toxic people from their life. One should have the confidence to know who they are and not get down on themselves with what other people say.  It’s time to take charge.



Be the person you want to be and create the life you want to live.


The ego can be a barrier between people. The ego stops us from connecting to people. One might think, “Im right and your wrong. Nobody understands me. Everyone else is too dumb, too annoying, too political, too religious.. There are disagreements  with culture or way of life.

The ego is isolating. One must act through compassion and wisdom, not pride. Stop “judging” and try to connect with other people. When a person judges another person, they are also judging themselves. Don’t think of our differences but of our similarities. When people accept and love others, they will accept and love themselves.

We are all just human beings trying to survive in this world. 






Take accountability

It’s easy to become a victim. Thinking about all the people who hurt us. A person may think all their failures in life are because of problems caused by the people around them.

We need to look at ourselves and what part we played in our situations. We make our own decisions in life. We choose who we want in our life. A person can choose to accept  a toxic relationship and waste their time with someone who doesn’t deserve it. We make our own choices in life and we have to suffer the consequences of our choices or reap the awards of good choices.




Be a good listener

Sometimes, people want to go on and on about everything that is going on in their life.  People want others to know how good they are doing, everything they accomplished, how perfect their new boyfriend is etc……. How much time a person can talk a about themselves and know nothing about what is going on in the other person’s life. A person should take a break from talking, become aware of the other person’s feelings  and listen. One should try not to make everything they say, about themselves.  A person should listen and be empathetic. This can build deeper connections with others. This is how to become a better friend and add value to life. We can learn so much from others.

We just need to listen.





 Love yourself

We are not perfect, we make mistakes, we have bad days, we fail sometimes, and relationships end. We are human and not perfect. We all experience lows in our life. You are not alone. One must let go of the shame, the guilt, feelings of not being good enough. “You are good enough. Forgive yourself.” Envision your are talking to yourself as a mother figure. Tell yourself, “It will be okay. Let it go.” Hug yourself because you are wonderful. Be nonjudgmental to others, be forgiving to others, be compassionate to others, and love others. If you are judgmental to others, then you are judgmental to yourself. So stop. Just fill yourself with love and spread the love.



Make healthy decisions

We need to take care of our bodies. We are only given one body in this lifetime so let’s not fill it with toxic chemicals and saturated fats. A person should be careful not to over drink or put their body in risky situations.


“Look at your body. This is your body that depends on your decisions. Your body is amazing. Be good to it and love it.”





Remove negativity

Any family or friends who bring a person down, abuse, manipulate, use, make them feel bad about themselves, or influence them to do things that are not good for their body or future – should be removed. It doesn’t matter who they are. One can love that negative person from a distance when they are not healthy person to be around. We should surround ourselves with people who are doing good in life, who are happy, who are a good influence, who make other people feel good about themselves and help encourage others.





Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are positive statements that identify a desired quality. It can be repeated over and over. 



“Say, “I have the strength of a warrior.” Say it from your heart and feel the power of those words. Your heart speaks the truth. You are a warrior. Repeat this affirmation throughout the day. You are becoming stronger every time you repeat these words.”


Self-improvement is a life long journey. We will never be perfect but we can always be better. Self-growth is setting aside the ego and connecting on a humanitarian level. Admitting when we are wrong helps us move to the next step, learning from our mistakes. Keeping silent to listen to others will help us learn more and gain wisdom. Learning to love ourselves will help us to love others. We need the wisdom to remove what is negative in our life and surround ourselves with positive energy. Lastly, we can create our own positive energy by using positive affirmations and bringing out our own powerful and positive energy. Reading this article is a step towards self-improvement. Keep growing and conquering.





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