7 Steps to Take When Having Anxiety



I’m feeling fine and just going about my day when boom, it hits me. This pressure in my chest, this nervous feeling, it’s hard to breathe, the room gets darker. Why does this happen to me? I was enjoying my day. What makes me feel like this? Why can’t I just be happy and enjoy myself? Why do these feelings come and ruin my day for no reason?


Recognizing I had anxiety

These feelings started when I was a child but I never understood what these feelings were, what was happening to me or “why” this would happen to me. It wasn’t until a doctor was able to explain to me that these we’re feelings of anxiety. When I understood it was anxiety , I could take steps to help myself.


Anxiety is the subconscious taking control

These feelings are not logical. These feelings are made up by past experiences causing false messages to my body. I can push these feelings away, knowing that they are a reaction of the past.


I realized my mind is making me feel these symptoms. Just as when you watch a scary movie, you get scared and you scream. Your heart is racing. You feel your adrenaline going. You feel nervous and jumpy. Your not actual in danger but your brain is sending signals to your body that you are in danger so now your body is reacting physically.


You’re not actually in danger but your mind is telling your body that it’s in danger. Empower yourself and take control of your thoughts and body. Take back your power. This is your life and you will live it the way you want it to be. Envision what you want from life and make it happen. Your subconscious will no longer control your body. You are in control now.




When you feel those symptoms of anxiety: the fear, the nervousness, squeezing of your heart, and the stomachache. Understand these are feelings caused by your subconscious. Your mind is telling your body that you are in danger because of past experiences that have wired your brain to send off certain messages. Tell yourself that you are safe, cared for, and in a good place. Talk yourself through those moments as if you are your own therapist. Calm your mind and breathe. Your true self, that strong and wise person, is creating moments. Your true self is so powerful, wise, and indestructible. Let your true self come out and play this game of life. Have fun with your life. Enjoy it. Don’t get stuck in those false negative feelings. That is not who you are. You are strong.


The subconscious doesn’t  just have negative thoughts. As you push those positive thoughts and positive affirmations through your mind, you are feeding your subconscious. As you become more positive consciously you will become more positive subconsciously.


Learning to cope with anxiety

Stay calm. Feel those feelings. Tell yourself that these feelings are not real. Focus on your breathing. Stay present. Those feelings are not real. You are real. Where you are right now is real and right now you are safe. Everyone around you is safe. Push away those thoughts of something bad is going to happen. Whatever happens in life you are strong enough to get through. You are strong. You are powerful. You are in control of your mind, body and life. You are in control and many great things are going to happen for you. Be present. Enjoy this moment and everything around you. Appreciate this moment that is given to you. Have gratitude through each moment, good or bad. 



Spending time in meditation will help you with all the things above. With meditation, you practice focusing on your breathing and calming your thoughts. You will then become stronger and more prepared when the anxiety starts. You can try meditation videos on YouTube. You can take mindfulness meditation classes. You can meditate by yourself. Try and find a silent place to sit and get comfortable. Take 10 deep breaths. Let the air expand your belly and then your chest. Breathe out slowly until there is no air left. With your eyes closed imagine yourself looking at “yourself,” from above. Observe everything: where you are sitting, how you look, and everything around you. When other thoughts come up, be aware of those thoughts and then try and refocus. To become aware of your thoughts will give you strength over your mind. Try out my 7 steps to cope with anxiety and watch yourself grow and become happier.


7 steps to take when having anxiety 




1. Breathe

focus on your breathing, this brings you to the present. Breathing will give you a calming effect. Breathing will slow down those negative thoughts and feelings and keep you grounded. 


2. Recognize

Recognize you are feeling anxiety. When you can understand the feelings and the body reaction you can take back control. If you understand it’s anxiety and it’s not real then you know you can calm down. Becoming aware of our thoughts and behavior gives us strength and power. You are aware of your thoughts and behavior therefor you can change what you don’t like. You can create the the thoughts and behavior that you desire for yourself.


3. Empower  yourself

Push away those negative  thoughts. Find positive things to think about. You are unique, special, interesting, fun, loving, valued and worthy of a good life and happiness.  Have gratitude, not only when circumstances are good but also when circumstances are difficult. Have gratitude for life even when you don’t get what you want or someone makes you angry. Gratitude will rewire the distorted perspective of the current  faulty wiring. 


4. Self-Affirmation

“I am strong,” “I am powerful,” “I am a warrior,” say it out loud or repeat it in your mind. Make positive statements about yourself. These statements empower you in the moment and feed your subconscious to empower you through the future. Stop those doubts you have about yourself or your life. Turn those thoughts around. Believe your powerful statements are true. Feel the truth in your heart and soul. Envision your true self.


5. Tranquilize your thoughts

Calm your mind. If you can, safely sit somewhere and close your eyes. Clear your mind. If you can’t close your eyes, then just do the work within you. Be aware of your thoughts and how your body is feeling. Try to slow down those thoughts. You can imagine something that makes you feel calm such as imagining yourself cuddling with your cat, going for a run with your best friend or taking a hot bath with lavender and roses. Imagine what the room smells like. Imagine what the soft fur of your cat or how hot the water is against your skin. Smell the sweet scent of lavender. Your mind is slowing down and tranquillity is saturating through your body. 


6. Honor yourself

You are taking steps to take control of your life. You are not going to accept a life where anxiety controls you. Tell yourself,


“Thank you for working on yourself. This is hard work but you are stronger now. This will get easier. Thank you.”


7. Exist in the moment

Stay present. Don’t let your thoughts rush through the past or the future. Observe what is around you. This is the present. This is real. Don’t miss out on today or this moment. Stay observant of everything in this moment. Use your 5 senses. Be aware of the smell, the noises, everything you see around you, what can you touch around you, and maybe what you can taste. It’s a journey to learn to live in the present. 


Anxiety is a struggle. It can make you feel sick and out of control. Anxiety can creep up on you without you being aware of what is happening to your mood. The first step in improving your life is to become aware of your thoughts and behavior. Once you become aware of when your feeling anxiety you can take steps to cope with the anxiety. Remember to B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Focus on your breathing. Recognize how your feeling, thinking, your body reaction, and your actions. Elevate yourself and empower yourself. Know that you are strong enough and you are worthy. Tranquilize your thoughts. Envision a calming moment and imagine the scent and feelings against your body. Honor yourself for your hard work. Dealing with anxiety is difficult but you are working hard to get better. Exist in the moment. Live in the present. Be aware of everything around you. Be aware of yourself. Take your control back. Anxiety doesn’t have to be apart of your life. You can work towards a better you and better life. Becoming aware of your anxiety will empower you to elevate yourself. 


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    • Yes and you don’t realize what is going on internally sometimes. That’s why it’s good to take time daily to reflect on yourself, your thoughts, everything you did that day and everything that happened. And keep a journal. This helps you see certain things that you might have not noticed before.

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