Building resilience to stress


Stay S.A.S.S.Y.








  • Slow down
  • Accept the outcome             
  • Stay present 
  • Stay positive 
  • You are your creator














Here are some tips on how I deal with stress… 


Slow down



























Life is full of stress triggers. No matter what the situation, a person will always have stress. So, it’s a matter of finding ways to cope with stress. Stress can cause anxiety, depression, mental breakdowns, and disease.  Stress can also cause drug and alcohol abuse because a person doesn’t know a healthy outlet.








 Slow  down: 





Take one step at a time. Take it day by day. Don’t let life overwhelm you. Take a step back, breathe, try and put things in perspective. Don’t get overwhelmed with the, “what if’s,” fear, and doubt. Slow down those racing thoughts. Take the time to clear your mind and relax. Step into life knowing that you have what it takes to accomplish your goals and overcome your challenges. The step back. It’s easy to get stuck in this narrow vision of life. Life is only what you see from your own eyes. So, try and look at it from the outside looking in. Look at yourself and your life as another person. Does this change your perspective? Sometimes we make things bigger than what it seems because we get stuck in our selfish needs and desires. So, slow down, clear your mind, breathe, and try to see things from a wise, compassionate, loving and kind perspective.  Slow down also means to take time to go for a walk. Smell the air, feel the breeze, notice each tree swaying in the wind, and listen to the birds singing. Appreciate this day. You were given another day to live but no day is guaranteed. So live today as the first day of the rest of your life and appreciate it as your last. See each moment for the beauty whether it’s good or bad because there is beauty in everything. Live your life to your full potential. Don’t waste it, sitting in negative energy. Envision what you want your life to look like and go for it. See it, feel it, and make it happen.You are sharing this very moment with everything around you. You are apart of this universe and the universe is apart of you. Walk with the flow of the universe not against it.






Accept the outcome

If you try your hardest, do everything possible in your control, then feel good about the outcome. Even if it’s not what you thought it would be. You can feel satisfied with your hard work, learn from the situation, and become better and wiser. Sometimes you think your going down one path but the universe shows you a different and better path. Your desires can fill your mind not giving your mind any space to take in new information. That’s why it’s important to clear your mind at times. Take a step back and look at everything happening around you. Take responsibility for what you have control over. Listen to your intuition and make sure you are feeling good and positive about your decisions. Make sure you are making decisions from compassion and wisdom. 










Stay present
If you are stressed about what may happen in the future or depressed about what happened to you in the past. Get your mind back to the now, this moment. Now is the only real moment we have and this moment will affect our future. Take some deep breaths, smell the air, look at the trees and the flowers. Smell some candles. Hug your children. Hold your husband’s hand. Quit stressing about the future and past, get back in the moment. Meditation and prayer can help with learning to live more in the present and calm the mind. 


Stay positive

Let’s say, You feel disappointed about something. Feel that disappointment, be sad, cry, yell, and then move on. Have gratitude for what you do have and come up with a plan to get the things you don’t have. You will fulfill your dreams and wonderful things are about to happen. Your dreams are going to come true. So, for now be patient and tactical. Start planning how you will accomplish your goals and get through any challenges. You are strong, wise, and are fill of potential. Your life is your potential, so take it where you want to go. 




You are your creator

The world is made of waves of energy. You create and receive energy. Your reality is what you have created through your thoughts and perceptions. If you create these fears in your mind, that energy will send out to the universe and you will magnetize those fears. You will attract that negative energy by thinking those negative thoughts. Your negative thoughts will give out negative energy to others and you may attract people who feed off that negative energy. If you think that you will fail and the world around you wants you to fail, then your mind will only see the obstacles and lack confidence in your abilities. If you know that you will win, then the fear goes away, and all of a sudden you will see all these opportunities in your life. Having gratitude with each moment helps prevent frustration and despair. With gratitude, you will only see opportunities, ways to grow and become wiser.

You can manifest your own destiny. Write your own story.

Fill your mind with positive thoughts, send out positive energy to others, give love, help others and that positive energy will radiate through you. Making yourself feel good and others around you feel good. People will want to be around you because they want to feel your energy.

What is it you want in life? What do you want to feel? You want to feel happy? You want to feel loved? What do you want your life to look like?

Those feelings of loneliness, abandonment, guilt, feeling not good enough…… those “feelings” are created by your thoughts. Change your thoughts and you will change those feelings. Those negative thoughts create the physical reaction of: feeling sick, tired, hard to breathe, you feel stuck in a dream, your mind is in such a fog, andit’s hard to move. These are symptoms you have created by your thoughts. Change your thoughts. Catch  a glimpse of what you want out of life, know that you will create it. Know that your reality can be beautiful. Know that life is beautiful and worth living. Create that positive energy within you, let it radiate through you. Create the energy you desire. Create your destiny.





if I could recommend a movie, it would be “Beyond the Secret-The Awakening






Girl with bubbles, positive energy








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