How to cleanse your home of bad energy




Are you feeling like your home is heavy with negative energy? Maybe there was a big argument or small consistent arguing. Maybe, you have feelings of anxiety, fear, darkness and depression. The world is made of energy. Energy in me, you, the water and the air. The negative energy can just sit there filling in your home with despair. If you want to get rid of bad energy, try smudging. 


cleanse your home


You can buy sage online if you’ve never seen it at one of your local stores. Sage cleanses out bad energy, it’s called smudging. This spiritual ritual comes from the Native Americans, so it’s an ancient ritual that’s been around forever.

Step 1:

When smudging, you should open all your windows and doors to let the energy leave the house.


Step 2:

Burn the sage, until it starts smoking like incense. Let the smoke drown out that negative energy.



Go from corner to corner, windows and doors. Walk around spreading the smoke.


Step 4:

As you walk around you can chant or pray. You can say whatever is in your heart.


You can say desires such as:

Bless this home.
Let only positive energy stay in my home.

Fill my home with love and joy.

Remove all the negative energy.

Negative energy must leave this home now.

My home is full of love and warmth.



You should smudge regularly. Smudge after a new person comes in your home or a negative person. Smudge after a bad event.

You can purchase sage from the Wandering bull website, Amazon, and the Bougie Hippie‎.

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I hope this raises your vibrations.




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