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What if you could change your life and manifest your dreams? Well, you can. You have all the potential within you to overcome all obstacles and reach all your dreams. You can rebuke those negative thoughts, fears, and self doubt. If you were an avatar in a video game you would have all the potential necessary to win, you just need to know how to tap into your potential, and connect to your winning self. Practicing Buddhism can help you tap into your Buddha nature so you can live up to your full potential. You can end your suffering by knowing you can overcome all obstacles, understand the complexity of why bad things happen, and look at problems as opportunities for growth and adding value to the world. You can want success and more money without guilt for having earthly desires; your earthly desires motivate you to win in life. There will always be hard times and negative experiences but you can use them to add value to the world. You can transform your heart and work toward helping others to realize happiness. I learned a lot about myself by practicing Buddhism. It helped me let go of the past and move forward. No more focusing on why bad things happen and start focusing on creating the life you want. Buddhism can be your path to happiness and self-realization.




Buddhism has many sects like most faiths. The main three are Mahayana Buddhism,

Theravada Buddhism, and Vajrayana Buddhism (Tibetan Buddhism). Nichiren Buddhism came from Mahayana Buddhism. Nichiren Buddhism also has a few different sects. The Soka Gakkai International (SGI) Buddhist organization is one of the three Nichiren Buddhist sects. SGI has 12 million practitioners in 192 countries and territories. SGI teaches us that everyone has an inherent Buddha-nature. We can all find happiness and become enlightened. A person does not need to become acetic and live secluded in the mountains to achieve enlightenment. Every day people can live a fulfilling life, chase their dreams, achieve their goals, and find true happiness. A person can desire success, more money, a new car, and still find true happiness. It’s just a matter of finding your Buddha. Letting go of the ego and selfishness to find compassion and wisdom. Becoming more concerned about helping others and adding value to the world. What’s more important than helping your brothers and sisters and making a difference in the world?





A person has 3,000 different life dimensions. A person lives in ten worlds which can also be looked at like living conditions, a state of mind, or a state of being. There are another ten worlds inside each of those worlds. There are also ten factors and three realms of existence. When multiplying all these realms, you get 3,000 dimensions. This shows all of the potential life that is held inside each individual. 



An example of all the different life conditions would be a man who is suffering because everyone around him has more money, more success, more respect, and he feels like a failure. He experiences jealousy because all his friends are becoming more successful than him. He is selfish, greedy, and desperate. His ego is hurting. He is willing to lie and cheat to get ahead. He finds happiness because he climbs up the corporate ladder, making more money. Then he experiences depression because his mother passes away. He loses his job and he becomes angry at the world and bitter. Then the man finds peace in it all, accepting life’s tribulations, and moving forward, wanting to change and be a better person. He learns to take responsibility for his choices and the effect it has on his living conditions. He still grieves, wishing he would have prioritized his family more and misses his mother. There is so much happening in each moment. Living cause and effect simultaneously. 





People have these earthly desires of wanting more money, more respect, more control, and more power. These desires can create suffering in one’s life. Earthly desires are not a negative attribute because it is what motivates people to achieve more and grow in life. Earthly desires are a part of surviving on earth. Earthly desires should be acted upon with wisdom. Without wisdom, a person is willing to hurt others to get what they want. A person will suffer the consequences in the future for hurtful and selfish actions. This negative cycle of selfish actions and suffering consequences will continue until they can learn to act with wisdom and compassion. Wisdom and compassion are in everyone’s inherent Buddha-nature. It’s not always easy to act with compassion because the ego drives us also. The Devil king of the sixth heaven is the ego at its most powerful. Chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, calls out to one’s Buddha-nature, strengthening the Buddha in oneself, making it easier to act with compassion and wisdom, thus ending the negative cycle. When a person finds their true Buddha nature, they act on their desires with wisdom, their actions create positive energy or positive karma in their future, relieving the suffering.  





Doing good things in life and helping others does not mean bad things will never happen again. The most truly good people have endured pain from the actions of others, endured diseases, or were killed. A person is not magically protected by an invisible protective aura, when good. There are still people out there who are controlled more by their evil nature (Devil king of the sixth heaven) than their good nature (Buddha-nature) There are people who will make selfish choices that negatively affect you. There are times when you will make selfish choices because you’re not perfect. There are times where you will endure bad karma as a consequence of your selfish actions from the past or even previous life. (Chanting also pays your retribution) Negative circumstances can be used as opportunities to experience self-growth or add value to the world by sharing your experience with others, creating an organization to educate others about this experience, or raising money for research. As long as you know that everything you need to conquer your obstacles is right inside you, you can move forward with confidence and courage, like a lion. You see the bigger picture when experiencing a negative situation. You do not feel defeated, but feel gratitude for the value this experience will bring you and the value you will give to others. 




Transform your heart by connecting with your Buddha nature of compassion, courage, and wisdom. To transform your heart is to have a human revolution. You will have a desire to want love, happiness, health, and peace for every being. To have faith in everyone’s innate goodness, and eternal strength within and share that faith with others so they can transform their hearts. If everyone was connected with their Buddha-nature then everyone would be happy and want peace. There would be world peace through happiness (Kosen-rufu). When we think less about our tribulations, and concern ourselves with helping others, we can find our purpose, strength, compassion, and courage. 




When I found Buddhism, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety that was making it difficult and confusing to live each day. I guess my life was feeling out of control and I was searching for answers. I was given the Intro to Buddhism book. I studied it. I reflected on my thoughts and behavior and wrote in my journal. It made me realize so much about myself. It helped me put my life into perspective and understand the internal influence I had on my life condition. This is how I say Buddhism helped me. I can let go of all those bad feelings and face life with excitement and curiosity.



Getting to understand your past and childhood. Why did those bad things happen in the past? Karma, if you’re paying karma or retribution as a child then it’s karma from a previous life. Then there’s your inner potential. Your inner potential is created through your parents, your environment, your beliefs, your problems, and your trauma. Then, there is freedom of choice. You have freedom of choice in life. The universe can tell you to go left but you can choose to go right. So why would you choose to go right if the universe is telling you to go left? The reason would be, you have not learned to connect to your Buddha nature. So, you haven’t learned to listen, understand and connect with the universe around you or your true self. This can lead to bad decisions. There’s also the devil king of the six heavens who drives our actions. Our selfish, greedy ego drives our behavior and decisions. When you connect with your Buddha nature your decisions and actions are guided by compassion and wisdom. Also,  other people have freedom of choice. So, there will be people around you, who make selfish decisions and it will affect you. This one small moment has infinite potential. It can be confusing to understand it all. when you are suffering from memories and effects of the past or childhood trauma, put into perspective why did these bad things happen? look at all the different dimensions of one moment. Your soul is here, in this body, to learn, grow, mature, and become wiser. The only way to grow, gain knowledge and become wiser is by getting through obstacles. The more difficult the problem is, the more you gain and grow from that problem. whatever problems and tribulations that you go through, can be used to add value to the world. You can share with others: your experiences, things that you’ve learned, mistakes that you made, or mistakes that other people have made. This can help others, such as your children, friends, and spouse. Do not let the past and your problems become your inner potential or you will continue a negative cycle. Connect with your Buddha nature and look at everything with compassion, grace, and wisdom. Look at each problem as an opportunity to grow and add value to life. Do not let your inner potential by the negative experiences of your past, turn your inner potential into compassion, wisdom, loving others, and wanting to help others.




 Life is not to get stuck thinking about the past and, “why this happened,” “why did those people hurt me,” or “why did I make bad choices.” Because of the abstract and complex possibilities of each moment, you cannot just focus on, “why me?”

Focus on human revolution, transforming your heart, connecting to your Buddha nature, becoming compassionate, love, and having wisdom. When your perspective on the world changes, your life will change. It’s no longer, “why me?” The focus is now, what do you want your future to look like, what do you want out of life, and who do you want to be? How can you act with compassion and wisdom? How will your actions affect the world? How will your behavior and thoughts affect the world? Will you add positive value to the world or will you add negative energy and bad karma? 







Think of the endless potential of your future. It’s time to get excited about making your life what you want it to be. You can be the person you want to be. To practice Buddhism, is to strengthen that beautiful, unstoppable, joyful person inside you. Life is complicated, but finding happiness is not complicated. It’s as simple as practicing Buddhism, focusing on what you want, and empowering the Buddha inside you. I was able to change my perspective on life by studying Buddhism and chanting. This changed my life and can change yours too.






The Soka Gakkai International Buddhist Organization

3,0000 realms

10 worlds

10 factors

Three realms of existence 

Life and death

Human revolution


Devil king of the sixth heaven

The cycle

The three truths

Obstacles of faith




The Soka Gakkai International Buddhist Organization 

Buddhism has many sects like most faiths. The main three are Mahayana Buddhism,

Theravada Buddhism, and Vajrayana Buddhism (Tibetan Buddhism). Coming from the Mahayana Buddhism sect but with some differences, is Nichiren Buddhism. Nichiren Buddhism also has a few different sects. The Soka Gakkai International (SGI) Buddhist organization has 12 million practitioners in 192 countries and territories.



The Re-Up

Cleanse your negative energy today.



“three thousand realms in a single moment of life” 


All ten worlds are within us (potential life conditions), we predominantly live in certain ones that we tend to revert to. A person sees life and feels life from a reflection within. Strengthening your wisdom, compassion and love reveals your Buddhahood.

The 10 worlds 

There are 10 worlds that a person can live in. (An Introduction to Buddhism, SGI-USA, pg 16-26) 


There are six lower worlds or paths and four noble worlds or paths of life. There are good and bad aspects of the lower worlds. A person can live in multiple worlds simultaneously. All of the worlds/ life conditions/ state of mind are inside of you. You have the potential of living each of these worlds and multiple worlds simultaneously.



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The 10 Worlds are:

World of Hell

World of Hungry spirits

World of Animals

World of Asuras-anger

World of Human beings

World of Heavenly beings

World of Voice hearers (learning)

World of Cause-awakened ones (realization)

World of Bodhisattvas

World of Buddhas (buddhahood)




  • The world of hell

A person is suffering, depressed, full of negative thoughts and emotions without hope or any positive beliefs.


Why do people have to suffer? This is such a negative state to experience. 


Sometimes, suffering can be a consequence of karma. The effects of karma may be from something a person did in this life or a previous life.

Ones Karma can be improved through service to others, chanting, spreading peace and happiness. 


Sometimes, the soul needs to experience these negative experiences to grow, mature, and become wiser. The purpose of this life in this dimension is for the soul to grow and mature. With each life lived, gaining wisdom, and sometimes failing in certain aspects, and having to continue to grow in that area in the next life. The difficult life experiences are challenges set forth for self growth.

The world of hell helps with self growth, pays karma, and makes you appreciate the happy times.


  • The world of hunger

The World of hunger is when a person suffers from desires and greed. The person wants more and more. The person is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He’s not happy with what he has because he wants more money, the bigger house, or the nicer car. 

Desire also motivates a person to grow in life. A person wants a higher college degree, a work promotion, a bigger income. If nobody had desire, then everyone would be complacent with a minimal life. It’s good to want more and continue to grow in life. A person with desires will create goals, have problem solutions, accomplish goals, and become stronger, wiser, and more self confident.  

So, the World of Hunger is a lower world, but it still benefits a person’s life.


  • The world of animals 

The World of animals is when a person has foolishness and acts impulsive. An animal reacts to its natural instinct for survival. The animal will run away and attack out of defense. The animal is in a selfish state thinking only about its survival and families survival with no sense of compassion for others. There is no thought process of how their actions will affect those around it. 


Natural instincts are needed for survival. So this is a very important world, right, otherwise humans would die out. 


  • The world of asuras

The World of asuras is when a person has anger, pride and jealousy. A person is a aggressive, hot tempered, and unhappy because someone else’s life is better. 

One person who is aggressive may teach another person patience, forgiveness, compassion, and grace. Experiences with angry and negative people create an opportunity to others for self growth. 



  • The world of human beings

The World of human beings is when a person has peace. The person understands life better, understands and accepts there will be happy times and there will be challenges and more difficult times. The person understands that even negative  circumstances are beneficial to oneself or to someone else and it’s all part of this life and self growth. The person can go through life undisturbed.


But if a person is calm and complacent all the time, the person is not reaching for more. So the growth stops. A person needs desire to reach higher and higher. It’s good to be happy even if you don’t have everything that you want. But you should still want more. To be in a world of peace and acceptance sounds wonderful but if a person lives only in this world for the rest of his life then there will be no self growth. 


  • The world of heavenly beings

World of heavenly beings is when a person experiences circumstantial happiness. The person’s desires have been filled. This is temporary happiness. The person may have bought the house she always dreamed of. She will be happy for a moment but this will not bring everlasting happiness. The world of heaven is a wonderful state to be in but those ecstatic feelings will wear off and go away. 




The 4 Noble Worlds


The learning and realization paths:


Voice  hearers

Cause awakened ones


The two vehicles:






  • Voice hearers 

The voice hearers attain partial awakening through listening to Buddha’s teachings. 


  • Cause awakened ones 

The cause awakened ones reach self-realization through connection or through experience of phenomena. 


  • The wold of Bodhisattvas

The world of Bodhisattvas is to follow Buddha’s teachings and work towards enlightenment and helping others find true happiness. The belief that everyone can attain Buddhahood and teach others how to find true happiness. Everyone has an innate Buddha nature. The self realization that we have all the strength and power and wisdom within us, is to live the world of Bodhisattvas. What Buddha attained in life is everyone’s potential. The Buddha nature is courage, compassion, wisdom, love, and kindness. One’s buddhahood comes out through daimoku. 

Members of the Soka Gakkai, followers of Buddha and his teachings, and the lotus sutra. To share with others how to attain peace and happiness. To desire to help others attain happiness. 


  • The world of Buddha 

The World of Buddha is a person who is enlightened. The person reaches full realization and becomes pure love and compassion and untouched by circumstances. Awakening to the connection of everyone, everything, and the whole universe. Realizing That this body is merely for the soul to grow and expand in wisdom. To see all circumstances as opportunities and not suffer from them.

Buddha is Shakyamuni from India, who was able to reach enlightenment and wanted to free others from suffering, this was the beginning of Buddhism.



The ten factors






internal cause


latent effect

manifest effect

consistency from beginning to end



The first three factors:


  • Appearance

physical features and attributes of life


  • Nature 

Non physical aspects of life 


  • Entity

life itself expressed as appearance and nature


The next six factors


The laws of cause and effect



  • Power

the potential action to create an effect


  • influence

The action and effect created by the power


  • Internal cause

The internal potential to create a cause and latent effect



  • Relation

The life conditions that bring out the internal cause. 

(Teaching Nam-myoho-renge-Kyo)


  • The manifest effect

The results

(Enables buddhahood life conditions )


 A woman who is afraid of abandonment, because her father left her and her mother for another woman (internal cause) 

Has a boyfriend who isn’t answering his phone (relation)

So she begins to panic, feel high anxiety; she believes that he is with another woman (latent effect)

Leading to her leaving him a message and breaking up with him in order to protect herself from getting hurt and being abandoned by him (manifest effect)

As she shares her experiences with her friends, they will see how people shouldn’t be trusted and have bad intentions (influence)



  • The tenth factor

consistency from beginning to end


All nine factors are connected and create the person’s life condition


The woman continues to be alone, not being able to keep a relationship because of her fear of abandonment.




“the Buddha nature within us is summoned forth and manifested by our chanting of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. This is what is meant by ‘Buddha.’”(

“Buddhahood is the joy of joys. Birth, old age, illness and death are no longer suffering, but part of the joy of living. The light of wisdom illuminates the entire universe, casting back the innate darkness of life. The life-space of the Buddha becomes united and fused with the universe. The self becomes the cosmos, and in a single instant the life-flow stretches out to encompass all that is past and all that is future. In each moment of the present, the eternal life-force of the cosmos pours forth as a gigantic fountain of energy.”

-Daisaku Ikeda,




To chant means to activate the innate Buddha-nature. The activated Buddha-nature… will then appear in one’s life as enforced life power and wisdom to live like a ‘lotus flower in a muddy pond’.

( )






The Three Realms of Existence



  •  the realm of the five components






(the physical aspect of life)


  •  the realm of living beings

A being in the realm of the five components experiencing the ten worlds 


  • the realm of the environment

 The environment of the being


These three realms equal the person’s world.


A person’s life condition has 3,000 dimensions. The ten worlds, each world has ten worlds within it, the ten factors of life, and the three realms of existence. 





Life and death


Life and death is a continuum. Energy has no beginning and no end. Everything in the universe is in a continuum of life and death. Everything is constantly changing with no beginning and no end. 




Human revolution


Human revolution is to become aware of oneself, let go of the lower self, the ego, greed and selfishness. 

We create value to the world through our influence, behavior and actions. A person can turn a hardship into an opportunity to add value to the world. Helping others get through a similar hardship, raising money to help with medical research, starting an organization to educate people and share your experiences. Your own determination to change, grow, improve, become happier can influence, motivate and give hope to people around you. Hardships give us an opportunity for personal growth.




To believe in the inherent Buddha nature of all people and share with them. Buddhism so they can transform their life in happiness, compassion , love, courage and wisdom. To let them know that they can look their problem in the eyes and take it face on with eyes lit up in faith.



Devil King of the Sixth Heaven

The desire for power, control and superiority over others.

The ego is at its most powerful.

 The world is under the control of the devil king, and people are ruled by the devil

People are driven by power, control and superiority. There is a side of people that are willing to do anything; lie, cheat, manipulate, and kill.

War, famine, disease, rape, murder; this happens everyday because of this state of mind (that’s ruled by the devil) The powerful ego that listens to the devil. 

On the opposite side of the devil king is the Buddha. Buddha nature is compassion. This Buddha nature is in everyone and everything. We are all connected as brothers and sisters. We are connected to every being, to the earth, to the universe. Compassion is to belong with the world as one union and desire happiness, health and peace for all. Compassion is to see the innate goodness in all beings and wish for other people’s happiness and good health.





A Negative Cycle


The three paths:


  • earthly desires

Desires, impulses, selfishness, actions absent of wisdom


  • karma

Effect of foolish actions


  • suffering

Trying to escape the karma without wisdom


When a person has desires without wisdom it leads the person to suffering and the drive to escape the suffering leads the person’s actions. This is the negative cycle. 


Lotus Sutra transforms the three paths of the negative cycle into the three virtues of the Buddha.


A positive cycle 


The three virtues of the Buddha:


  • Dharma body 

truth, the Buddha’s enlightenment 


  • wisdom 

knowing how to reveal enlightenment


  • emancipation 

freedom from suffering



Turning poison into medicine-

The confidence, wisdom, and courage to overcome any obstacle (Dharma body)  gives a sense of freedom (emancipation). The faith in your Buddha nature (wisdom) will turn obstacles into opportunities to grow, learn, share, and add value to the world.




The Three Truths


  • The truth of temporary existence

physical aspects of life.


  •  The truth of non-substantiality-

 mental and spiritual functions


  • The third truth-

the Middle Way/the essence of life that holds it all together


Life is neither existence nor nonexistence but it has attributes of both. Life is opposites in harmony, like the beautiful lotus flower that blooms in the dirty murky water. 

Our external  life story is a reflection from within us. We must take responsibility for our life. Empower ourselves to overcome hardships, create opportunities, manifest our desires, and take action.




The behavior of the Buddha is itself the practice for becoming, or being, a Buddha.(

The function of any religion or philosophy should be to give people the strength to successfully struggle against the forces of despair, division and destruction within our own lives and the larger social realm. (



Obstacles of faith 


The three obstacles and four devils:


  • earthly desires
  • karma
  • suffering




The four devils


  • the hindrance of the five components

Physical and mental obstacles such as getting sick 



  • the hindrance of earthly desires 

Foolish desires, actions absent of wisdom


  • the hindrance of death

Your death or the death of another practitioner 



The Three Powerful Enemies


  • arrogant lay people– 

people who speak ill or attack Buddhism and the Lotus Sutra


  • arrogant priests-

 priests who believe they are superior to others


  • arrogant false sages who conspire with secular authorities to persecute the sutra’s votaries-

 Sages and priests who act with greed and selfishness 


chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, to call forth your Buddha nature. (


 “Daimoku (Nam-myoho-renge-kyo) is a universal language that is instantly understood by Buddhas.” (The New Human Revolution, vol. 6, p. 296)


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