7 Marital Inspirations

Marriage is when two soles become one. A complimentary blend of two personalities that lift each other up. Warm loving friendship and emotional support. Marriage can also consist of two people who tear each other apart and break each other down. Love has the power to heal. Love can heal your scars of pain. This marriage will overcome any obstacle because you have so much love for one another.


What is the purpose of marriage?

Does marriage go against human nature? We’re meant to be with one person for the rest of our lives? People first created marriage to keep peace between tribes. A king would marry his daughter to a prince or king of another country as a treaty. Then when agriculture started, marriage was a standard so that the father could pass his land to his sons. Marriage was an arrangement, not a love connection. 


Society  and marriage

Then Marriage became a religious standard. A woman was supposed to marry young to make sure she stayed a virgin. Getting married and starting a family was most people’s intention in life. People were living up to the expectations of their parents and society. There was a lot of pressure to get married. As a woman got older it became more difficult to find a husband. 
Now that society has changed, marriage is no longer a necessity. Some people wait to marry till their older. Some couples live together but never get married. Some have gone through divorce because of irreconcilable differences. Marriage looks much different today.


Free to marry or not marry

Marriage is no longer controlled by the church and pope. People are free to make their own choices when it comes to marriage. Marriage is no longer controlled by the parents in America. Some people decide to divorce when life gets hard. Some people feel there is no benefit from marriage and they would rather stay single for the rest of their lives.

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Religion and marriage 

Religion has given society guidance, standards, and morals that help marriage and families succeed. Marriage helps keep families together because it’s a big commitment.

You can’t  just walk away. Your life is woven with the other person financially. Not to mention all the paperwork, the lawyers, the court dates and the name change. A person who isn’t married can leave the house and never come back and not have any consequences.

This is why, I believe, marriage is important. If you shack up with your boyfriend and treat him like your husband, he has no reason to get married. He already has everything he wants. 

A good Christian man holds himself up to a standard of  getting married, taking care of his family, providing for his family, engaging with the children, listening to his wife, and leading his family. The good Christian woman listens to her husband, supports her husband, helps guide her husband, and places her family as a priority (www.opebible.info)


 Marriage and family

Couples will have arguments. Arguments are healthy. But Divorce should not be brought up at every argument. We shouldn’t threaten the other person or make them feel unstable in life. We should be bringing stability to each others lives. We have to put the effort in and work out our differences. It’s okay to argue and feel hurt, sad, or frustrated. This usually comes from a place of feeling let down by the one you love. But the other person loves you back and never wanted to let you down. We’re not perfect and we need to improve every day as people and as a spouse. Try and support your spouse. Help him improve on his weaknesses instead of throwing them in his face. Even if you are not religious, Jesus, is a great example of how we should treat others. Jesus was forgiving and have uncoditional love. Jesus loved the weakest people the most. He knew, that he would receive more love from the broken than the ones with few troubles. Love him unconditionally. Love ispatient. Love is kind.

Marriage helps keep families together.

Marriage helps with the children’s development and stability, according to David Ribar with Princeton.edu.

Children need both their parents (40 facts about two parent families, gillespieshields.com

and it is not easy to raise a child alone. I know, I did it for 12 years, by myself. I know the struggles, when all the weight is on your shoulders and you have nobody to lean on. Nobody to financially help you. Nobody to help watch the kids when you need. Nobody to hug you when you’re emotionally drained. Remember to have gratitude that this man made the commitment to marry you and be there physically as a father. Some men run away from the responsibilities of fatherhood. Your husband is providing for his family the way that he should.


Marriage is a life time friendship

Even when children are not involved in the equation, marriage is a lifetime commitment to love and support that person. It’s easier to go through life, with a best friend who is always there for you. Life can be lonely and full of people who need, need, need and take, take, take from you, but never give back. But your spouse is there to
Give you love, hugs, and support. Nothing is too difficult in life when you have your partner by your side. You are a team. You put each other first above everyone else so that you keep a strong kingdom. Nobody can break the walls down.

Marriage can be challenging 

Marriage is challenging. People have their differences. There can be Different cultures, different religions, different upbringing, different interests, different friends, different education, different languages and different parenting styles. So how do we see eye to eye, compromise, meet each other’s needs? Hopefully, you can be patient with each other. Come from a compassionate perspective when communicating. Try to understand what the other person is feeling when they are talking. Sometimes, hurt can come out as anger. If the other person is acting angry, try not to go on the defense and start attacking back. Instead, ask if everything is okay. “Is there something bothering you? You don’t seem yourself right now. You know how much I love you. I want to be there for you.” This may turn his anger into a soft dough that needs to be held.

Sometimes, you can get to a point in your relationship where you are just arguing all the time. When ever you spend a few minutes together an argument starts. You chose to love that person and marry that person. Not only love when they are nice to you, not only when they are successful, not only when they are happy. You love that person when they are depressed, when they fail, when they make mistakes. You support that person, lift them up, be attentive, compliment, forgive and let go of resentment, appreciate and cherish. You see all the good they have done and not linger on the bad. You put that person first and listen to your partner above everyone else. Marriage is a spiritual bind that shouldn’t be broken. Let go of the resentments from the arguments of the past. Start a clean slate every morning when you wake up. Don’t hold a grudge because it will fester inside you and like an open wound. 


Marriage takes two

If your partner no longer loves you and doesn’t care to work on the relationship….. then that person doesn’t deserve you. You are a piece of treasure and when the right person finds you, you will be able to open up and shine. There are dark people out there who use, and abuse, control, and manipulate.  Remove the darkness from your life. Remove the darkness and you will see how beautiful life really is.


7 Marital Inspirations

1. Remember when you first started dating.

How you would smile out of nowhere while daydreaming about him. How you’d get butterflies before a date. Everything about him was perfect you were blinded to all those things that annoy you now. You thought about how lucky you were to find such a great man.

2. Forgive and move forward.

Let go of those resentments that you are holding on to that make you put your guard up. That space between you and him is filled with resentments. No man or woman is perfect. We all make mistakes and we make mistakes in our marriage. We need to forgive ourselves for our mistakes and let go of the guilt. We need to forgive our partner for his mistakes and let go of that anger. Clear the negative thoughts that are breaking your marriage. Start a new beginning. Your marriage is resilient. 

3. Keep the excitement.

Remember in the beginning of your marriage when you were so excited to be married. You would do anything to make him happy. Hold on to those exciting feelings. You were the lucky one he chose. And he was the lucky one you chose. You’re so blessed to have each other.

4. Sweet gestures.

Do something sweet for him today. Buy him a gift. Send a text about how much you love him. Make him his favorite dinner. Sweet gestures may be small but the thought put into it means the world.

5. Compliment him.

You get all that sexiness to yourself. He is all yours you lucky lady. Let him know how attractive he is to you. Tell him how he makes you feel when you see him. 

6. Change it up.

Wear some sexy lingerie. Surprise him with some romantic candles. Sweeten him up with love notes. Buy chocolate covered strawberries and wine. 

7. Stop what your doing and listen to him.

Ask him how his day was and really pay attention. Put your phone down. Stop cleaning. Give him your full attention.

What marriage looks like has changed overtime. Two people who fall in love can choose to get married and love each other through sickness and in health. A marriage can be challenging at times but it can be worked out with the extra effort. You can rekindle those exciting feelings you had when you first met. You can let go of any resentments and start fresh. You can once again make each other feel cherished and special.

Marriage is having a best friend to walk through this journey of life. It’s two souls connected through the purest love.

I’m so thankful I have found my soulmate. Someone to share my life with. Someone to hug me when I am down. Someone to encourage me, Someone to love me. We have each other’s backs through it all. The universe has brought us together because of our eternal spiritual connection. We will always find each other. Thank you God for my best friend.

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7 Marital Inspirations 

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