Marriage Inspiration 

Your marriage is a beautiful sparkling diamond.

Your love for each other is precious but not fragile.

Polish your love and let it shine!

Remember what it was like before you met your spouse. Did you dream of meeting “the one”? Maybe, you were scared that you would be single for the rest of your life. Did you ever feel lonely and craved to have someone to cuddle next to in bed? Were you ever jealous of those cute couples holding hands? Did you ever see a beautiful pregnant woman and wish you could experience that too?

Now you’re married. Maybe you’ve been together for 5 years or maybe 10 years. Every day is so busy you may forget to really appreciate the other person. I know I’m busy from the moment I wake up until I fall asleep. I usually don’t get to sleep until 2 or 3 am. My kids are non-stop demanding my attention. I can’t turn my head for one second without them fighting or doing something dangerous. I can’t even talk on the phone because they’ll be screaming and crying for me. I’m exhausted all the time. If my kids are focused on something other than me then I’m trying to clean. And this repeats over again every day. But I also have a husband who needs my love and attention. It’s hard to make time for everybody and everything. So, I stop what I’m doing and really feel the appreciation I have for my husband. God has blessed me with my soulmate. I’m not alone, my husband is at my side. No matter how hard life gets, my husband is next to me to support me through it. I feel like it’s so important to take a moment and stop everything to make a loving connection with my husband to keep our relationship strong. It’s easy to get caught up with momlife but I have a wonderful husband who needs my love too. Marriage is so precious but not fragile. Polish your love and let it shine.

Selfless Love

Love is life and life is love. Love gives you happiness. To give love brings happiness. You have the responsibility to love this person forever. To make this person always feel loved. You have to selflessly give all your effort to love this person unconditionally. Love is the most Divine action in life. So to love a person unconditionally brings you to a higher level in life. Loving this person makes you a better person. It makes you a less selfish person. It teaches you to have selfless love and selfless love brings you closer to true happiness. This person loving you gives you happiness but you loving this person helps pave the path to true happiness. 

Soul mate

You chose your spouse out of all the other millions of people; you chose each other. There was a special connection that drew you to each other. There was a feeling in your heart that made you want to make that lifetime commitment to be at each other’s side. Like the cosmos reunited two souls. The universe brought you, your soulmate. Maybe your two souls have been together since before this lifetime. Maybe, these two souls yearned for each other before you even knew him. You two were brought together to be joined as one. You will never be closer to another person in the way you are with your soulmate. All the time that you had something missing in life, your husband was able to fill it. He filled your heart with love. He completed you and you completed him. One can not be whole without the other. 

Yours forever

You have a family that you were born into. You may like them or you may not. You have your friends who may come and go in your life. Sometimes you grow apart because you go down different paths in life. But your spouse is yours forever. He will always be by your side no matter what path you take in life. You are there to support each other through it all. The ups and downs. The success and the failures. Your spouse will be by your side to hug you and comfort you. You are there at your husband’s side if he gets a promotion and a raise or if he loses his job. We are here for each other to enjoy our family or through depression and anxiety. If you can’t rely on anyone in life, you can rely on your spouse to be there for you. You’ve made that commitment to always be a shoulder to cry on. This commitment has connected two souls like a puzzle that belong together. Out of all the puzzle pieces, you two fit together. You are glued together and will never separate. This relationship is so special because people will be in and out of your life but your spouse is forever.

Creation of life

You two have created life together. Not only will you be in each other’s life forever but you created life to continue on after you. You created life together with your love for each other. Your love for each other will develop these new lives. Your love for each other will imprint in your children’s minds of how to love themselves and others.

You are not alone. You found your life partner who loves you unconditionally. Two souls that reunited into one. You picked each other out of the millions of people around. There was a connection that made you feel you could not live without this person. Without them your heart would crumble.  Now he’s your husband for the rest of your life. He’s all yours and you are his. You belong to each other forever. Your love created a new life. The child will learn how to love from watching the parent’s love. Your love will live on in your children.  The love for your husband will continue forever into eternity. Life is busy but not too busy to appreciate the love of your life. I am very thankful I found my soulmate. 

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  1. The feeling that I have someone every time to support me is the greatest blessing in my life. Your post give a positive vibes, thanks for jotting down these sweet and precious feelings of our life.

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