My 7 Self-Care Tips for Your Yoni





You are a Goddess. Be proud of your femininity, however, this looks to you. Women have been blessed with a uterus to hold life within us. Put your hands over your womb. Tell it, “ thank you for giving me children,” “ thank you for making me feel like a sexy woman,” and “thank you for bringing me pleasure.” We have feminine power radiating through our ovaries like flowers blossoming. All the beauty of the yoni and the joy it brings us. Love your yoni and take care of it. There are multiple ways that you can put effort into caring for your yoni. You want to create a good Ph balance, Prevent infections, and keep her smelling fresh. Have extra self-care during menstruation. It’s easier to keep her clean when she’s trimmed. Use products to treat and prevent ingrown hairs. Put that extra attention on her and it will make you feel extra special. 

Especially if you recently gave birth, had a

c-section, had menstrual issues, or had past sexual trauma. It’s time to connect with your yoni and rebuild that relationship.




Here are my 7 yoni self-care tips:



Ph balance

The yoni is more sensitive than other areas. Use a lite unscented soap for your feminine parts. If there is irritation at the time then don’t use soap at all, just warm water. Irritation can be caused by dryness, soaps, detergents, and a hormone imbalance. Damp clothes from working out and sweating can irritate the don’t area. So change your clothes right away after a sweaty workout. There are many feminine washes out there. I love the Honeypot brand. The feminine wash will help with the Ph balance which helps prevent dryness or yeast infections. There are also oils and herbal steam baths that you can do to moisturize and rejuvenate.



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Prevent infections

Bacteria can grow in warm damp places. The yoni will naturally have some discharge and sweat. Use cotton underwear to help keep that area dry. This can prevent yeast infections. 


Infections can happen if there is not enough good bacteria, probiotics and yogurt can help with that. Infections can also happen if fecal matter enters the vagina.




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Always use a condom if you’re not married. I know it can be a drag but it’s better than contracting an STD. You might want to use a lubricant with condoms. If you have any pain or discomfort with sex then lubricant may help you. If not, then speak to your doctor.  Love yourself enough to keep your body safe. 


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Chlorophyll is a natural way to keep yourself smelling good. It’s a natural deodorizer and also helps with building red blood cells and promotes energy.


Chlorophyll Liquid Drops - 100% Natural, Alcohol & Gluten Free Liquid Chlorophyll | Energy Supplement, Immune Support, Natural Deodorant, Altitude Sickness Relief | Non GMO & Vegan - 118 Servings


Also Drink plenty of water, around two liters. This will detoxify your body and keep you smelling good. 

Shower daily, but you can use feminine wipes to help freshen up until you can get to a shower.


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Skip the pads and the tampons. Use a menstrual cup, it is more environmentally friendly. It will save you money since it’s reusable. It will come with a pouch to keep it in. You can also buy a wash specifically made for a menstrual cup and a steamer to clean it. 


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How to use a menstrual cup


During menstruation, take extra care of yourself. If you feel emotional, then allow yourself to cry and watch sad movies. Use a heating pad on your belly or back for pain. Let yourself sleep longer and take naps. You’re losing iron and energy so take iron pills if it’s prescribed, eat lots of leafy greens, beans, molasses, dried fruits with nuts. Drink warm tea. Be patient with yourself and don’t feel bad if you’re not as on top of it as usual.



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Spend time tending to your yoni. Your yoni brings you pleasure and power.



Trim or wax

Keep it clean by trimming or waxing. Whether you just trim the hair down there and shave your bikini line or get a Brazilian wax, just have a clean cut. I Suggest waxing. The hair grows back thinner and slower when you wax. I like the European Wax Center because their wax is made for sensitive skin.


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Skincare products

Ingrown hair care

If you shave or wax you will probably experience ingrown hairs. If you get a big one you can use acne cream, benzoyl peroxide to dry it out. You can also use warm compresses. There are wipes that you can use after you shower to prevent and treat ingrown hairs that has glycolic acid. Also, you can use an exfoliator and body scrub to remove dead skin that causes ingrown hairs.



Slow hair growth

Some washes and lotions are made to slow hair growth. This can decrease the number of times you shave or wax which will help decrease ingrown hairs.



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GiGi Slow Grow Body Oil, 8 ounces


GiGi Slow Grow Hair Inhibitor Body Scrub for Slower Hair Regrowth, 6 oz


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Organic Yoga Clothing at Soul Flower



There are specific yoga moves to help with yoni health. This can help with pelvic floor strength, menstrual pain, and detoxifying. 


Wide squat- this is when you squat and your hips are down, use your elbows to push back your knees. Try squeezing your pelvic floor and pulling up. 

Reclined butterfly- instead of sitting, you lay on your back, with your feet together and your knees wide open

Child’s pose- knees on the floor, hips back, chest down on legs, and hands reaching forward.

Camel- knees on the floor, backbend, hands reaching for ankles. 

Warrior pose- lunge, one arm forward, the other back, try squeezing your pelvic floor and pulling upward. 


If you want to get more information or see the poses try,, and


Yoga for Women: Wellness and Vitality at Every Stage of Life



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Kegel exercises

Lay on your back, Squeeze your pelvic floor and pull up. This can also be done with weights, like rose quartz eggs. Squeeze for 5 seconds 10 times. This movement can be done with your yoga poses.


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Here are some books for sexual healing and feminine power.



Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit

Awaken Your Inner Goddess: Practical Tools for Self-Care, Emotional Healing, and Self-Realization


Crystals for Beginners: The Guide to Get Started with the Healing Power of Crystals


Powerful and Feminine: How to Increase Your Magnetic Presence and Attract the Attention You Want




The more attention you give to your yoni, the more you own your womanhood. Appreciate what makes you a woman. You are a goddess that can create and carry life. Your yoni can cause you problems like yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, dry itchiness, and STDs. So it’s important to take care of that yoni. You can use feminine wash and cotton underwear to prevent infections. Always use a condom if you’re not married to prevent infections. During menstruation, you can use a menstrual cup to save you money and remember to relax and take extra good care of yourself during that time. Try some new yoga moves to strengthen your pelvic floor and to become mindful of your flower. Also, do kegel exercises to keep your pelvic floor strong and prevent bladder leakage. Buy some chlorophyll to add to your water so your whole body can smell fresh longer. Keep it trimmed or waxed and use ingrown hair serums and slow hair growth lotions to prevent infected ingrown hairs. Hopefully, these tips are helpful. Nobody ever taught me these things when I was younger. I just had to learn over time. Times are changing and women are more open to talking about this topic so hopefully, all women will know everything they need to know about their wonderful yoni.



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4 thoughts on “My 7 Self-Care Tips for Your Yoni

  1. Such a great post! A lot of the times we talk about self-care but never about our yoni. It’s so important to bring awareness to this part of our body especially since it is an essential part of us. Exercise is definitely something I do as well as drink a lot of water. This helps me during my monthly cycle and makes me even more powerful that I have the ability to be strong inside and outside.

    Maureen |

  2. Keeping your yoni in good shape is what every woman should do. Great advice here. I am about to quit tampons and menstrual pads and try the cup, I’ve heard so many good things about it.

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