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The Journey of Expecting a Baby and the Best Gifts for Expecting Mothers




Motherhood is amazing. Let’s celebrate motherhood by supporting the new mothers with some gifts to make them feel as special as they deserve.





Pretty soon everyone’s attention is going to go from your beautiful glowing pregnancy  to a small adorable newborn baby. You will grow this baby inside you, go through hours of agonizing labor, push a baby out, or go through traumatic surgery to have the baby removed from your uterus. If you are expecting a baby, you deserve to be showered with gifts.  If you know someone who is expecting, be the friend you wish you had. The journey of expecting a baby is wonderful and exciting. It’s also draining and full of neverending work. The days of pregnancy are exciting and sometimes embarrassing. The experience of being a new mother is full of admiration and exhaustion. It’s up and down and turned all around. Motherhood is thankless but so worth every good and bad day. Let’s give a hand to all the mamas. Not just a clapping hand but maybe a helping hand or a friendly hand. Let’s support all the beautiful mamas out there.


The journey of expecting a baby is beautiful. Remember that aching feeling in your heart, hoping that this would be the month that you missed your period. Your heart pounding as you watched the clock, waiting for the positive or negative test results. You’re so excited when the second line appears that you scream and jump up and down. You can’t wait to plan your gender reveal news and baby shower. You have so much excitement all over this little pea that has developed in your uterus.




No one is prepared for the exhaustion and burnout. Right after you have a baby, you have to breastfeed every hour, change diapers, and get no sleep. All while, recovering from pregnancy,  birth and hormonal changes. You are expected to be happy and enjoy every minute of motherhood all while taking care of your other responsibilities of a career, husband, cleaning, cooking, other children, parents, and more. It’s exhausting but it’s all worth it when you see your baby smile for the first time, giggle for the first time, or call you mama.



 Wow, nine months until you get to hold your baby in your arms. It feels like forever and a day. Every day you imagine what your baby will look like. You imagine nursing this child and kissing this child. Then you get morning sickness and every day feels like a century of being sick to your stomach. Your mood is up and down. You cry for no reason. You are filled with fear and anxiety, hoping your baby will be safe and healthy. The baby grows and your belly gets bigger. You start to see your belly jiggle with the baby’s kicks and punches. The creation of life is extraordinary and it all happens right in your belly. Then those kicks get stronger and it feels like an alien is trying to escape out of your vagina. Your back hurts. Your hips hurt. Your feet are swollen. You can’t tie your shoes and you have no idea what your vagina looks like anymore. Pregnancy is full of flatulence, heartburn, and urinary leakage. But pregnancy is also full of excitement and love. 



Then your due date approaches and you are so excited to see your baby’s face. But the fear sets in of labor pains, pushing a baby out of your vagina, or even major surgery. The time comes and it’s horrifying but you forget every second of it when you hold your baby in your arms. Wait, the baby’s crying out of hunger. The baby won’t latch right. You’re worried the baby is losing weight. How many wet diapers have there been? Did you write it down? Where is the feeding schedule? The baby is hungry again? When will I sleep? Then you stare at your baby in awe and admiration. Your baby is so perfect. 




As a mother you live in constant fear, anxiety, and guilt. Wanting to be a good enough mother, a good enough wife, and forget your own needs and desires. You are worried if your baby is breathing, too cold, too hot, hungry, constipated, or developing normally. You wonder if you are doing a good job, if you are giving enough love, providing enough milk, wondering if you are good enough. Every day for the rest of your life you will wonder if you are a good enough mother. All the struggles of motherhood on top of all the other struggles in your life. But it’s all worth it. No one can explain why we want to go through these difficulties to be a mother. Motherhood is challenging but it’s magnificent and magical.




Motherhood is selfless love. It’s demanding and it can be disappointing at times. But every minute is worth it, good or bad, to be able to look into your child’s eyes. The pride you feel for your child. It makes your heart flutter. It’s a thankless job that mothers are thankful for. You’ll be thankful for those Mother’s Day cards but there will be days that your child won’t like you. Some days you’ll deal with screaming and crying all day. Your husband won’t notice that the house is cleaned and dinner is cooked all while you were breaking up fights and screaming in your head. But when you are at your child’s wedding and you look back at your memories, won’t think about those chaotic days. You’ll remember the first time you looked into your baby’s eyes. You’ll remember those first steps. You’ll remember the first day of school. You’ll remember that first school dance and first date. You’ll go from having a toddler that holds on to you for dear life, who can never get enough of you, to a child that moves away and forgets to call you. Thankless motherhood, the most magical experience, an indescribable love, filled with endless worry and guilt. Motherhood is the best, most amazing, and beautiful adventure of life. 



Motherhood is a dream come true. Finding out you are expecting is thrilling. It’s happiness mixed with fear. Pregnancy is magical and uncomfortable. Postpartum is spent looking at your baby in awe and wondering if you’ll ever sleep again. Motherhood is thankless and yet you are so thankful to be a mother. Let’s make the mamas feel loved and appreciated.



Here are some gift ideas for the new mamas:



Buy a spa gift box to help the new mama feel relaxed and special. 


3rd Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box : Bump Boxes

Spa Luxetique Spa Gift Baskets,15pcs Rose Bath Gift Set, Relaxing Women Gifts, Luxury Home Spa Kit Includes Massage Oil, Bath Salt, Bubble Bath, Bath Sets for Women Gifts, Gifts for Mum.

Spa Gifts for Women - New Mom Pampering Gifts, New Mom Care Package, Pregnancy Care Package - 7 PC Pregnant Mom Gift

UnboxMe Care Package For Women | Feel Better Soon, Get Well Soon Gift, | Stress Relief Gift, Self Care, Encouragement Gift, Nurse Gift, Bff Gift, Cancer Gift, Happy Birthday Gift (You Got This)

7-Piece Care Package Box, Warm & Relaxing Sympathy Blanket, Socks, Purse Hook, Gold Necklace, Tote Bag, Toiletry Bag, Greeting Card, Fuzzy Socks, Gift Box, Perfect Get Well Gifts for Women, Pink

Becta Design - New Mom Gift Basket. Each Beautifully Prepared Gift Set Contains 5 Hand Picked Essentials for Expecting Mothers. The Perfect Gifts for Pregnancy, First Time Moms or Baby Shower

Pregnantville - Pregnancy Gifts, Pregnancy Must Haves, New Mom Essentials for Relaxing, First Time Mom Gift Idea, Pregnant Mom Gifts - Black Romper


Milky Chic Gift Box for New Moms- 6 Unique Postpartum Personal Care Items for Mothers-Mommy's Pampering Surprise Basket - After-Pregnancy Must-Haves for Mom (Medium)


Milky Chic Gift Box for New Moms- 10 Unique Postpartum Personal Care Items for Mothers-Mommy's Pampering Surprise Basket - After-Pregnancy Must-Haves for Mom (Large)


SHE FEELS LOVED Care Package for Mom – 6-IN-1 Gift Basket for Mom with Aromatherapy Soy Candle, Perfect Relaxing Gift Set for New Mommy or Postpartum Care Kit

Pregnancy Gift Box Set - Presents, Gift ideas, Heartfelt Card & Spa Gift for Baby Showers, New Mom, Expectant Mother, Pregnant Friend, Sister, Daughter, etc

Luxurious Lavender Spa Gift for Her - Self Care Gift Set With Large Organic Soap Bar, Bath Salts, Body Butter, Konjac Sponge, Lip Balm, Tea - Gift for Her Self-Care


Spa Luxetique Spa Gift Basket, Vanilla Gift Baskets for Women, Luxury 15 Pcs Bath Gift Set, Relaxing at Home Bath Set with Massage Oil, Bath Salt, Bubble Bath, Beauty Gift Set for Women.

UnboxMe Care Package For Women | Get Well Soon Gift Feel Better Soon | Stress Relief Gift Self Care Encouragement Gift Nurse Gift Bff Gift, Cancer Gift, Happy Birthday Gift (Social Distance Hugs Card)

BELLA B 3-Piece Gift Set - Pregnancy Gifts For First Time Moms - Pregnant Mom Gifts - Mom To Be Gifts - Pregnancy Gift Basket - Sitz Bath Soak - Honey Tummy Butter - Silk And Honey Moisturizing Cream

Milky Chic Just For You Motivational Gift Set, Encouraging Appreciate Gift Package for Family Friends and Coworkers with Travel Mug and Lid, Soft Socks, Journal, Strawberry Bath Bomb, Makeup Bag




Gift the mama with a journal. Keeping a journal is a wonderful way to practice self-care. It can also help with self-awareness which is important at this time because postpartum depression can start to surface.


Siixu Colorful Blank Notebook, Unruled Personal Diary Journals to Write in for Women, Hardcover Writing Notepad Gift, Unique Watercolor Design, 192 Pages, 2 Bookmarks, Unlined


Buy some fun pens to doodle and journal. 


Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens Medium Point (0.7mm) Capped, 14 Count, Assorted Colors (2023009)



Buy a gift for the new mama to practice meditation to help her cope with the new demands and stress of a newborn.


Practicing Mindfulness: 75 Essential Meditations to Reduce Stress, Improve Mental Health, and Find Peace in the Everyday


Hihealer Meditation Cushion Floor Pillow with Extra Cover 16"x16"x5" Meditation Pillow Cushions for Sitting on Floor, Zafu Meditation Accessories Decor Yoga Gifts


Core Meditation Trainer: Meditation Device for Relaxation, Stress Relief, and Anxiety Relief with Built in Mental Health Wellness App (Premium)

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set — Meditation Sound Bowl Handcrafted in Nepal for Healing and Mindfulness

52 Stress Less & Self Care Cards - Mindfulness & Meditation Exercises - Anxiety Relief & Relaxation

n.o.w. Tone Therapy System. The 3-Minute Meditation Device. Reduce Stress and Anxiety Quickly.

Gift a beautiful aromatherapy diffuser that can saturate the room with relaxing or energizing aromatherapy scents.



holaecs Natural Healing Chakra Crystals Lamp Essential Oil Diffuser Night Light 5 Colorful Raw Stones Crystal Ideal Gifts for Mom Dad Wife Teacher(Green Crystal - Multicolor)


Essential Oils Sets, Top 15 (10 Oils & 5 Blends) Therapeutic Grade, 100% Pure Essential Oils Aromatherapy, Diffuser, Bath, Aromatherapy Blends Oils with 2 Dropper, Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint-5ml



A new coffee mug to show off her new motherhood. The coffee will be needed. Might as well have a special mug to put it in.


The maternity pillows are a must-have if she doesn’t already have one.

2 in1 Pregnancy Pillows, Chiro Designed Maternity Pillow with 100% Cotton Cover, Pregnancy Body Pillow & Pregnancy Wedge to Support Belly, Knees and Hips - Portable Full Body Pillow for Pregnant Women


This is the cutest way to show off baby’s sonogram.

Ultrasound Picture Frame Pregnancy Gifts for First Time Moms Baby Sonogram Frames Gift for Pregnant Women Expecting Parents Expectant Mothers Maternity Keepsake


How about a new beautiful necklace showing her motherhood with pride.

EFYTAL Baby Shower Gift, Sterling Silver Pregnancy Necklace for Expecting New Mom, First Time Mom Pregnant Mother To Be Jewelry, Mother's Day


KEDRIAN New Mom Necklace, 925 Sterling Silver, New Mom Gifts, Pregnant Mom Gifts, Gifts for New Moms, Mom to Be Gifts, New Mom Gifts Ideas, Pendant Gifts for Expecting Mothers, New Mom Gift Jewelry


Tea is a great way to relax, especially when insomnia sinks in.

Numi Organic Tea Flowering Tea Gift Set, 6 Tea Blossoms with 16 Ounce Glass Teapot (Packaging May Vary)


A reusable and microwavable heating pad to relax the aching muscles of pregnancy and breastfeeding.



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6 thoughts on “The Journey of Expecting a Baby and the Best Gifts for Expecting Mothers

  1. Yes, so much is going on early with baby! Cute baby clothes are awesome, but something for mom is even better. Since having kids I’ve started giving the cute stuff and a restaurant gift card so dinner is done and easy one night!

  2. The love and cate I received from family and friends in the first weeks postpartum meant the world to me. In those moments of exhaustion, raging hormones and confused emotions, someone reaching out and showing love is gold.

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