Tofu Fajitas Recipe

Are you craving Mexican food? I got your back. Mexican food is my favorite but they don’t normally offer vegan options. That’s okay. You can make this tofu fajita recipe to settle your cravings.


  • 28 oz. tofu
  • half bell pepper
  • half white onion
  • 1 large clove of garlic
  • 1 can kidney beans
  • Mccormick 6 oz. fajita skillet sauce packet



  • Add olive oily pan
  • add garlic and onion and bell pepper
  • drain water from tofu, absorb extra water with paper towels
  • add tofu to pan and cook until golden btown
  • add kidney beans and fajita sauce and simmer for 10 minutes 


Kidney beans are beneficial for protein and fiber and other benefits can be found here

Tofu is beneficial for protein and other benefits can be found here

Cauliflower  is beneficial for fiber and antioxidants

Brown rice is beneficial for fiber and other benefits found here


I hope you enjoy this tofu fajita recipe. It’s a hearty meal that will bring comfort to you. Cooking vegan will help you with your weight loss goals. I was able to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight by eating vegan.  

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